PSIminar on air brings the PSIminar to the next level. Using Google Hangout we will have regular talks given by former PSIons and selected guests from all over the world. The first PSIminar on air will start in spring 2013.

Sharing mathematical knowledge and physical ideas: This was the main focus of the PSIminar when it got started in January 2012 during the third year of the program. Three PSI classes graduated by now and there are many more to come: People from all over the world, from different fields and with various interests united in their passion for physics came to PSI to get in touch with ongoing research.

Most of the former PSIons continued with physics and went on to complete their PhDs in many different fields, but the PSIons are not only interested in Physics. One PSIon started minutephysics, another PSIon went to Google, another started an internship in public policy and some went to Africa to pass on their newly learned theoretical knowledge onto students at AIMS.

PSIminar on air will continue the success of the regular PSIminar, but add two great improvements:
  1. PSIminar on air will be given using Hangout on air which allows to broadcast a video conference using Google and Youtube. Discussions will be recorded as well, making the PSIminar on air available for everybody who is interested.
  2. PSIminar on air will connect the PSIons from all over the world and from various fields. Doing so you can get to know people from different years and learn what they are up to.
About the format:
  • PSIminar on air will use Google Hangout on air. In fact, its name is - surprisngly - derived from this Google application.┬áIt allows to record and broadcast the talk.
  • The speaker is free to use the blackboard or a beamer class / power point presentation. However, we will have a testrun in advance to ensure that resolution and video quality are sufficient to follow it from another computer.
  • The PSIminar on air has a soft cutoff after 60 minutes to begin a discussion and a hard cutoff after 90 minutes. However, the speaker is free to address further questions after the talk and to make them publicly available.
  • Speaker of the PSIminar on air can be all former and current PSIons, as well as guests invited by a PSIon.
  • We will start with one PSIminar on air per two months and adjust depending on the feedback we get.