Schedule (2011/2012)

The PSIminar is an independent self-organized seminar of the PSI Year 2012 at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. The talks and discussions focus mainly on topics of mathematics and theoretical physics, but they are open for everything which might enlarge the perimeter of a young physicist. Speakers are mainly elected among the PSI students themselves, but we are also happy to have PhD students, postdocs and faculty members giving a talk.
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 Week  Date  Topic  Speaker
 During the Review Courses
 08/01/2012  Introduction to Exterior Calculus  Lance Boyer  -
 13/01/2012  Summary: Differential Topology and Geometry  Lucas Hackl
 22/01/2012  Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity  Andrzej Banburski  PDF
 25/01/2012  Operator Theory and Quantum Mechanics  Mark Penney  PDF
 01/02/2012  Introduction to Galois Theory
 Dalimil Mazáč  PDF
 Principal Bundles  Jacob Winding
 20/02/2012  Hopf Fibration  Robert Schuhmann  -
 24/02/2012  Homology and Cohomology  Ye Ellis Yuan  PDF
 03/03/2012  Graph Theory  Jonathan Blackmann  -
 During the Reading Week
 16/03/2012  Wine tasting for Physicists  Alexandre Vincard-Emard  PDF
 During the Exploration Courses
 21/03/2012  Variable speed of light theories  Sayed Ali Hamed Mosavian  PDF
 28/03/2012  Monte Carlo Methods in Particle Physics  Lenny Evans  PDF
 30/03/2012  Go (Introduction to the game and strategies)  Peifeng Liu
 05/04/2012  Modern Didactics in Physics
 Hjalmar Eriksson  PDF
 Making sense of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians  Carl Bender
 27/04/2012  Introduction to Symplectic Geometry
 RG: Geometric Quantization
 During the Essay project
 Spinor Helicity Formalism and MHV Amplitudes  Grigory Sizov &
 Brenda Penante
 Chern-Simon Theory  Eduardo Tremea Casali  -
 LaTeX Skill Training
 Henrik Gustafsson
 1 2
 12/05/2012  Discussion with Nobel laureate 't Hooft  Gerardus 't Hooft  -
 18/05/2012  Invariance of Spacelike Topology  Steven Harris  -
 25/05/2012  Spacetime could be simultaneously continuous
 and discrete, in the same way that information
 can be
 Achim Kempf  -
 Maybe in another year
  -     -  Lattice Gauge Theory  
  -     -  Homotopy  Mark Penney
  -     -  Geometric Quantization
 RG: Geometric Quantization
 -  Quantization of Constrained Systems
 Lucas Hackl
 -  Bayesian statistics
 Robert Schuhmann
 -  Current Research Topics