Schedule (2012/2013)

 Date  Topic          Speaker  Notes
 28/08/12  Basics of Smooth Manifold  Xinyu Li  PDF
 Spacetime Electrodynamics, Conservation Laws and the
 Radiation Reaction Problem.
 Daniel Ogburn
 12/09/12  "Why Particle Physics is NoT a Zoo" a.k.a Fluffy Pink Elephants  Captain Junjie Rao  
 The Penrose Conjecture
 Natacha Altamirano
 26/09/12  Billiard Balls and Quantum Chaos  Nick Jones   
 17/10/12  Unpublished Feynmann proof of Maxwell's equations  Gunjan Laklahni  PDF
 24/10/12  Quantum Gates  Yangang Chen  
 14/11/12  Modified Gravity, Dark Matter and Dark Energy:
 Deep Mysteries of the Universe
 Prof. John Mofatt  
 21/11/12  Random Matrix Theory
 Prof. Francois David
 07/02/2013 3 Minute Thesis Practice Talk    
 Nicole Halpern
   Quantum Gravity    
 Prof. Lee Smolin

 Quantum Key Distribution Catherine Holloway
13/02/2013   Neutrinos, and Why I'm Obsessed With Them".  Miriam Diamond  
   The Probabilistic Proof Method    
 Nicholas Jones
 16/01/2013 Beyond the Standard Model: Using SO(10) to predict new physics
 Marie Rider
 24/01/2013 Non-commutative Geometry  Shane Farnesworth  
 31/01/2013 AdS-CFT with an introduction to Entanglement Entrop
 Gabriel Magil  
  Monte Carlo Methods: PDEs, Metropolis and Hausdorff  Dimension
 Yangang Chen

Symmetry Breaking and its Aspects
Cedric Musema

An Odyssey of Twistors    
Junjie Rao

Dr. Boltzmann (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Entropy) Ruben Verresen

Topological Degeneracy    
Juven Wang

Black hole Thermodynamics, Entropy and Noether Charge    
Prof. Robert Wald