The PSIminar is an independent self-organized seminar of the current PSI Year at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. The talks and discussions focus mainly on topics of mathematics and theoretical physics, but they are open for everything which might enlarge the perimeter of a young physicist. Speakers are mainly selected among the PSI students themselves, but we are also happy to have PhD students, postdocs and faculty members giving a talk.
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 Week  Date  Topic  Speaker
 During the Core Courses
 1  25/09/13 Probability: Where in the World(s)? Emily Adlam  
2 09/10/13 Liouville's Theorem and Other Games: Fun with Symplectic Geometry Nikko Pomata PDF
3 16/10/13 Dr. Minkowski: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Causality Jason Wien
4 23/10/13 Leptogenesis in the Curvaton Model of Inflation Kieran Finn
5 13/11/13 Quantum Tamers [film]
6 20/11/13 Classical Information for Qummies Yimin Ge PDF
7 27/11/13 Random Matrix Theory François David
8 04/11/13
Measure Theory for Fun and Profit Foundations and Probability Theory
Nikko Pomata
9 11/12/13 PT Symmetry: Quantum Mechanics with Imaginary Energies Jacob Barnett